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Commercial Cleaning

Healthcare Cleaning Services

Cleaning of doctors’ surgeries, medical centres, and healthcare practitioners require stringent hygiene procedures, as well as the ability to maintain strong customer communications. has learned the particularities of providing effective cleaning for the healthcare sector through years of experience. management systems are designed to ensure that our customer relationships are efficient, satisfying and enduring.

Office Cleaning Services

Having a clean and hygienic office is the simplest way to improve your workplace environment. It’s not an easy task: Staff eat at desks, they leave food in the fridge and they put their grubby hands everywhere, contaminating touch points. It is estimated that 80% of infections are transmitted by touch. ‘Activity Based Working’ and ‘Hot Desking’ adds to the hygiene dilemma, as do sharing computer mice and telephones. Employers have a statutory requirement to provide clean and hygienic workplaces. A dirty workplace is often cited as a reason why staff leave

Industrial Cleaning Services

developed industry leading systems, procedures and management to ensure that service meets and exceeds customers’ compliances for Health and Safety, Environment, Training and Security. provides a consistent standard of service from the same cleaning team on-site, with no personnel changes happening all the time.

School Cleaning Services

“Consistency” is the word that sums up what we believe schools would like most from their cleaning provider. We are talking about a consistent level of cleaning, a consistent level of account management and term cleans performed consistently to the required standard on time.

Retail Cleaning Services

Presentation is everything in a retail or high foot traffic environment. Gleaming windows, shining floors and beautifully presented product are all part of attracting people into your space. Customers walk in with dirt and debris off the street…they also bring coughs, colds and the flu; potentially contaminating your environment. Cross contamination is now recognised as a leading cause of workplace sickness, and it is largely unseen. Germs pass from customer to staff, staff to staff, and next thing you have absenteeism.

Commercial Cleaning Services Employee Reviews

Cleaned and moved appliances in and out of apartments as they were being renovated. Good relationship with other coworkers, not an incredible relationship with management. Good job for high school kids trying to earn quick money over summer break.

Not enough hours, sometimes pretty risky going out at night to different areas by yourself to clean . Going to work consisted of dusting offices, changing garbages , cleaning bathrooms, vacuum floors, sweep, mop, stock bathrooms. Clean windows if needed. I worked alone so I could work at my own pace . Hardest part of my job was working alone and not having positive support around .

I cleaned a Child care center and I clean the bathrooms and a mop the floors are white at the dust down and there was a lot of things that I done fourths for 3 hours and they paid me $30 of day

I didn’t enjoy working for this company. My co- workers and even supervisors were very unreliable. I have had many incidents that has caused me to lose out on work and money due to supervisors not showing up to open the building. Not a great place to work.

People were great, they were helpful and reliable. I felt that I was able to grow and learn new skills and that my opinions were taken into consideration.

Company for Reliable Cleaning Services

Cleanliness is one of the biggest indicators of how much one cares about the environment they are providing, whether it be for customers, clients, patients, or even family & friends. The thing about cleaning is that it is an intimidating task for many. Especially when specific methods are required in order to ensure a place is properly cleaned, the help of a professional cleaning service is more than necessary.

After Builders Cleaning

can attend to your recently built or renovated premise in order to bring your location to a client-ready standard. Often times, once construction of a building or a renovation has been completed, there is a mess of dust, debris, marks, smudges, etc. can take care of all of those problems and leave your premise in a perfect state – fresh & ready to receive your customers so you can get back to business

Commercial Carpet Cleaning & Floor Cleaning

With steam cleaning, stain removal, and rug cleaning methods, can help restore your dirty carpets back to their former glory. After many years of cleaning for all types of properties, also learned how to clean & maintain all types of flooring. Whether you have marble, stone, wood, or laminate floors, know what products to use in order to leave a quality finish.

Commercial Window Cleaning

Cleaning windows can be a difficult, and even dangerous, task to deal with. window cleaning technicians are pros at window cleaning and can take care of your window cleaning needs.

End of Tenancy Cleaning

Whether you are a tenant who needs a clean up after moving our or you are a landlord in need of a professional cleaning service before you move a new tenant in your home or unit

List of the supplies you’ll need to get started

One of the nice things about starting a cleaning business is that you don’t need to purchase a lot of supplies to get started. In most cases everything you need can fit in just about any vehicle. This is because the vast majority of jobs you will land in the beginning stages of your business will be of the smaller variety, allowing for a minimal amount of supplies that will be needed.

When you first start out, you may have only one set of supplies that you cart around from job to job. As you grow, and bring in more money, you can purchase more supplies. For instance I only had one set of supplies until I landed four or five accounts, and I moved them from job to job.

That works fine on the house cleaning side of the business, as you’ll generally never keep your supplies at someone’s home. In fact some homeowners want you to use their cleaning supplies, as they prefer to use their favorite solutions.

But once you start collecting commercial cleaning accounts, if you go that route, you’ll soon get tired of that setup. It will work at accounts you only clean once a week, or every two weeks for that matter. However once you start going several nights per week to the same account you might as well keep everything on location.

Getting back to what you need as far as supplies go, the list I’ll provide below will cover the majority of accounts you will run into when you first get started. Just keep in mind that you may need to adjust your supply list depending on what type of accounts you land early on

The Right Checklist of Cleaning Supplies for Office and Commercial Places

Getting our house cleaned and making it a safe place to survive should be one of our prime concerns. But what about the commercial areas? For 8 to 9 hours we are working in an office, which is not being carefully maintained. When the office remains dirty, germs and viruses make it their breeding ground. The office must have all its cleaning supplies stored at its inventory so that your office can be cleaned at a daily basis. Whether you run an office or a medical store or in a restaurant, cleanliness should always be your priority. A neat and clean office always gives a good impression to your clients. Moreover, the employees must be given a well sanitized area to work for longer hours at a stretch.

Without these equipments, it is not possible to get a hygienic office. It is very important to monitor whether your office is going through a regular clean up routine or not. Maintaining a basic hygiene in the office is always a necessary, not a luxury.

The reception area:

The reception area casts the first impression upon your visitors. This is the area where everyone lands up when they come to your office. Therefore, the area needs special attention and regular cleaning.

This area needs a regular sweeping so that dirt doesn’t get collected.

Never clutter the reception area by stacking it with magazines.

Dust the tables frequently during the working hours.

Use garbage bin and keep it clear.

Get the windows cleaned.

Check whether the floors are properly cleaned and mopped everyday.

The office kitchen:

Office kitchen is used by all the employees of your organization. Therefore, it is very important to keep this place hygienic. In order to maintain the hygiene of your office kitchen, you should follow these tips:

Get the trash bins cleaned every day

Clean the refrigerator once in a week

The coffee machine must be cleaned regularly.

Mop the counter tops after every usage

Keep the floors always dry and clean.

Keep the bathroom clean:

Germs and viruses thrive in the bathroom. The bathrooms need to be cleaned twice daily. Every time you use the bathroom, flush and wash your hands with a hand wash. Make the employees maintain these things for their own good.

Clogging of water at a certain area in the bathroom is very dangerous, get it cleaned.

Clean the tiles and floors with disinfectants

Floors must never be slippery

There must be proper hygiene maintained in the bathroom.

Use of air fresheners is mandatory for bathrooms.