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How to prepare employees for an office move

When people decide to plan the commercial relocations, they have to have a lot of things on their mind all the time. Some tasks, like finding a way to prepare employees for an office move, will require a bit of expert help. This process has to be calculated carefully in order to not lose valuable clients and finances

Prepare employees for an office move by informing them about it

When you are about to prepare employees for an office move, you will first have to inform them about it. Giving them a notice at least one month before the moving day arrives is a very good idea. A lot of them might have other obligations outside their work, so they will have to reschedule everything. This relocation can be hard for those with families. So, to have a successful relocation with your employees, you will have to send them a notification about it.

There are several ways you can do it, such as:

Sending a corporate e-mail about the office move – This is the best way to inform your employees about the relocation you are planning

Sending a memo throughout the company – That way, everyone will surely be informed

Informing them over text message – If your firm is using corporate phones, then you will have the option to inform them collectively about your relocation via SMS

Don’t be hasty with your move

What you need to remember is that your employees have other obligations besides their work. They will probably have to adapt to your office relocation schedule. In other words, do not be strict with them! In order to organize this, you have to call a meeting with them and see how you can plan the relocation of your office together. Once you do that, make a simple list of all the available dates for your relocation, and then talk with your team leaders about your employees and their schedules.

Compensate them for the inconvenience

Many of your employees will suffer some kind of financial loss while preparing for your office relocation. As a good manager, it should be your obligation to compensate them for any money spent on their relocation. Or at least, make it easier for them and pay for some percentage of the overall moving cost. Keep in mind that there are some things that can help you lower the moving cost of your employees

Move Management Checklist

What does it take to relocate an entire office? Covering every little detail of an office move can seem next to impossible, but the right tools will make move management for facility managers and coordinators simple. This move management checklist provides an important overview of the steps you’ll need to consider and the physical logistics you’ll need to oversee in order to execute a smooth move.

Of course, every organization has different needs and different concerns with any office move, but our checklist covers some of the major points of consideration for any enterprise considering a location change. Whether you’re a startup expanding to your own offices for the first time or an established organization in need of a new headquarters, this checklist will help you get a handle on the scope of your move and the many little things that must be taken care of before you can successfully set up shop in a new office.

Preliminary Move Management Steps: Fact-Finding & Decision Making

At the outset, it’s important to lay a good foundation for the move. Facility managers and coordinators, including high-level management should meet and potentially collaborate with some middle managers to answer some basic questions and identify some important concerns.

Develop a high-level process outline: Start by identifying basic goals and a general timeline. What does your organization need from a new space? Do you want to build a new facility, rent a floor of an existing office building or purchase an abandoned warehouse and customize the interior? What’s the ideal square footage? When should you aim to be completely settled into that new space? Consider everything from upcoming product releases to potential schedule delays due to a high tendency toward inclement weather in a particular season.

Assemble a winning team: Tap the right people to handle some preliminary fact-finding and keep it close to the vest so unfounded rumors don’t spread through the office like wildfire. Get the right tools on board too—Connect your move management team through SpaceIQ’s move management software and start developing email lists for communication about the move.


How do you minimize downtime for my business?

In order to keep your company’s downtime minimal we’ll do a number of things, including …

work with you to develop a thorough Needs Analysis and Survey,

arrange a Pre-Move Planning Meeting between you and the Project Manager and Crew Supervisor assigned you,

make sure you understand the equipment we’ll be using for your move, such as cranes and rigging,

assign the appropriate number of trucks and docks to accomplish your move seamlessly,

instruct you and your employees on the preparations you must make before our crew arrives on moving day,

make sure everyone is clear on what you’ll pack and pack,

take extra precautions that all packed items are properly labeled so they can be placed correctly in your new offices,

thoroughly familiarize ourselves with the floorplan of your current and new offices as well as building hours and your company’s hours of operation,

disassemble and pack necessary items as arranged with your beforehand,

handle the disconnect and reconnect of your IT equipment, taking special care to keep your server downtime minimal,

walk through your offices after loading to ensure that nothing has been missed,

cycle our trucks and crew between your current offices and your new offices for maximum efficiency,

reassemble items taken apart for the move, and

install items in your new offices as necessary and prearranged with you.

How do you estimate the amount of effort and cost for an office move?

do a thorough survey of your offices and workspaces. also work with you to develop a comprehensive Needs Analysis that details every aspect of your move. This, then, is the basis for estimate of what your move will cost in terms of time, effort, and mone

can help you move your IT systems. Specifically, we’ll …

provide IT experts dedicated to handling your systems during the entire move process,

handle all cabling,

disconnect you in your current offices,

reconnect you in your new offices,

get your system up and running with minimal server downtime, and

provide expertise in a variety of IT testing management services.

Liquidating or disposing of old furniture, office equipment, and electronics is an option offer as part of total office and workspace moving services package. It’s one more way can help streamline and simplify the office relocation process for you. Just let know in advance what you want to handle and how you want to handle it. include the cost of this service in written estimate, and expert moving and IT crews will take care of it.


Get a Head Start

Whether you have a small, medium-sized, or large business, it’s best to begin packing and organizing as soon as you can. Sometimes, moving an office means moving more items than you’d find in the average home, and packing all of those items will be a time-consuming process.

Buy the Right Supplies

An office relocation means moving many types of items, some of them pricey. Professional movers get 44% of their businesses from residential customers and 38% from businesses. So they will be well prepared for your needs when you’re moving offices. You can make sure you save some money by purchasing basic supplies. Make sure you get sturdy cardboard boxes, moving blankets, packing tape, bubble wrap, zip-locked bags, and markers to write on the outside of boxes. When in doubt, buy a little more than you think you’ll need.

Donate Unwanted Items

Regardless of the size of your business, moving is a chance to determine which items and pieces of equipment can go and which should be upgraded. Round up out-of-date phones, worn office chairs and desks, printers, computers, and copiers that can be replaced with newer models. Add items that no longer serve a purpose and donate them to worthy charities. This keeps you from wasting time and money on moving things that should stay behind. It may also provide you with a tax deduction if you give items to registered charities.

Stay Organized by Labeling

When you start packing it’s crucial to be organized. Label every box as you fill them. This will help you find the necessary items immediately when you’re unpacking at your new office. If you also number boxes and keep a list of items contained in each box, you’ll have a detailed inventory at hand if your moving company loses or damages any items. You may also find it helpful to give a number to individual employee’s desks so that their items stay together.

Pack Technology with Care

Don’t risk damaging the computers that keep your business going; replacing electronics is a costly and involved process. Wrap computers and their monitors with weighty moving blankets and tape them up to make sure the blankets will stay in place. And take care to not store them in boxes where they might break. Don’t stack computer components with other items. Also, make sure to backup your data on a removable hard drive or in a secure cloud


Your fragile items inherited from grandparents, first picture frame got on child’s birthday and other memories require attention during packing & moving. know well, are not just packing your stuff but packing memories that are invaluable.


Trust Movers use high quality and sturdy packing material including specialized cartons, recyclable Kraft paper, bubble wrap, plastic wrap, microfoam, and reusable quilted moving pads for proper packing and to prevent the damage of goods during move


experienced team accomplish the job of packing and moving on time, therefore, customers are highly contented. If you are taking stress due to the traffic snarls and mazes, no worries now best mover is here to help you shift your commercial, office, and house possessions to new premises


Even if you require disassembly, professional team has skills, tools, and experience to take your larger items and furniture apart and then reassemble them after reaching the destination.

Trust Movers acquire well-maintained loading equipment and trucks that are essential for safe and secure movements throughout. take an innovative approach to provide low-cost and environment-friendly recycled packing boxes.