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stramp / 4 years ago.
Late thanks ED!
digitalpix4all / 4 years ago.
Excellent, John.
stramp / 4 years ago.
Reading glasses are in the Mail SED! LOL THX Elvish accordian!
sed / 4 years ago.
Thought he was playing a keyboard at first! Merry Merry to you!
  • Title: You Have Mail
  • Category: Holidays
  • Published: 22.12.2014 09:48:02
  • Online: 4 years
  • Resolution: 1920x1200px

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Merry Christmas to all you skinnin Elves! You Have Mail is a 3d composistion. Wonderful Xmas Elf from zememz @ Deviantart to help complete this 3d christmas wish for you all! Have a great Christmas Folks! 3d Model posing, lighting, hand painting and special effects by me using Poser, Filter Forge, Real Draw Pro5, Paint.NET, Microsoft Digital image and Irfanview. I started this last year but didn't finish it in time and took another look at it and with the added Elf and some time to hone my meager skills, You now have mail! LOL Wishing you all the best and may your wishes come true! This is 1920x1200 resize as needed. Elf model-
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