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sed / 3 years ago.
stramp / 3 years ago.
I thought this would make a great logon for the Halloween season and Gary's art jus brought it all out into the moonlight!
digitalpix4all / 3 years ago.
Extremely cool, John.
  • Title: The Headless Horseman_vista7
  • Category: Holidays
  • Published: 28.10.2015 11:02:19
  • Online: 3 years
  • Resolution: 1598x800px

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The Headless Horseman by artist Gary Hanna a fantastic render to bring on the scares. All credit to him for allowing it's use for this Logon to set the mood at this time of the year. Created with 3d modeling and sculpting to create the background painting and then finished it in Photoshop. Gary is a very accomplished artist and illustrator so be sure to view his galleries! The Logon comes with 2 custom User icons for the theme in the downloaded zip folder! Permission and credit is included as always in the file. You can download the wall at the link below for your desktop for personal use only. Here's hoping you have very happy and safe Halloween, and keep an ear out for the sound of hooves, It could be The Headless Horseman!!! Pumpkin Death Headless Horseman render- Gary Hanna CGsociety gallery- Hanna Studios Illustration-
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